Travel Health

Travel Health 

If you are travelling abroad, you will need to consider the health risks including Malaria, Food and Water Hygiene and Vaccines for the Country you are visiting

Stay Safe And Healthy Abroad

Please look at the country specific information.  This can be found on the links below.

For some countries you may require, or be advised to have vaccines to protect against certain diseases

Please contact our reception team who will be able to print out your vaccination records

At least 8 weeks before  your date of travel, you will need to complete a travel health risk assessment form. Paper copies are available at reception if you are unable to print this off or complete online.

Once this form is completed and returned to the surgery, you will then need to contact reception to make your travel clinic appointment with the practice nurse.

Travel Advice

The following information will help you to stay healthy on your trip. Travel Advice Leaflet

Travel Health Risk Assessment Form

Please complete the online travel health questionnaire below. Travel Risk Assessment Form based on the format provided by Jane Chiodini  With Thanks  

Book Early And Check What We Can Provide

Please click the link below for a list of Pharmacies and private Travel Clinics that will be able to provide you with non-NHS vaccinations and/or malaria medication. It is advised ... [continue] Book Early And Check What We Can Provide

Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 1st March, 2023